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Nostalgesia: Vigilantes. Love. Sad. Food.


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Dangerous toys, 80's TV, celebrities, arcades, Nancy Reagan and Mr T




Royal Weddings, Buddy cops, Deloreans, Rubiks Cubes and the two Coreys



So you want to travel through time?



So you want to be a ghost buster?



So you want to be a vigilante?



Freddy Vs Jason!



Adventures, How to Have Them



Cartoon Sidekicks - Why won't they just die?



Top 5 Star Wars Figures?



Mossman Prophecies



G.I.Joe, The Action Force



Michael Jackson - Was he really that weird?



Freaky Movie Sex Scenes!



In Dreams



80's Computer Game Artwork



Ronald Reagan



Your Questions - Answered!



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Get Your Ass To Mars!



Power Up! 80's Cartoon Battle Cries



Don't Be Dead






Raw Deal

The Terminators

Half Past Dead 2

The Haunting of Winchester House

Dream Warrior

Beach Babes From Beyond

Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus


Demolition University

Salute of the Jugger

Black Jack

Dark Night of the Scarecrow



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